Workplace group Lieferando

The company group of Lieferando employees in Berlin was founded in 2020. We are actually a workers group of “TakeAway”. Ex-Foodora employees are as welcome as Lieferando employees. We are supported by former Deliveroo employees and continue their #deliverunion campaign. Contact us on: faub – ldo (a) fau . org

Our goals

Through regular exchanges within the company group, we want to ensure that we can represent our common interests as a group. We want to become more by addressing and involving more workers. In this way we want to continuously improve the working conditions of all workers.  We want to support each other through knowledge and action to solve our problems together. No matter where we come from or where we want to go, no matter whether we are only in Germany for half a year or whether we do this work for several years, we want to be able to live from our work and not ruin our health. Above all we want to protect ourselves from arbitrariness of Lieferando and secure our jobs.

Our means

At the beginning there is the exchange among each other. Together we develop solutions to our problems. We share these with other employees in discussions, via info flyers or social media campaigns. We make sure that Lieferando treats us equally, allocates our shifts fairly, repairs our bikes properly and pays our wages exactly. We are supported by the structures of the Free Workers Union (FAU). For example, the Foreigners Section, other FAU members, journalists and lawyers help us.

About you

You are a rider, dispatcher or employed elsewhere at Lieferando? You can imagine that our work at Lieferando can be fun and less stressful? You want humane treatment, safe equipment and fair payment? You have other ideas and conceptions of our job? You want to stand up for something? Then come to our regular meetings!

About Lieferando (TakeAway)

Lieferando belongs to the “” Group. TakeAway is worldwide in the (food) delivery service business. In 2018, TakeAway has also bought Foodora and its works councils together with DeliveryHero (Germany). In 2019 Deliveroo withdrew hastily and at the expense of the employees from Germany. Some riders organized themselves as part of the #deliverunion campaign and fought for high payouts in court. Since 2019 TakeAway and its subsidiary Lieferando have been a quasi-monopolist in Germany. TakeAway markets this story as a continuous success. Employees of Lieferando, Deliveroo and above all Foodora, experience it as an ongoing arbitrariness of the management level and constant deterioration of their working conditions. In the beginning of the spread of the Corona Virus Lieferando’s actions where slow, arbitrary and instransparent. Lieferando workers reacted and started a petition for better working conditions.


Betriebsgruppe Lieferando

Die Betriebsgruppe von Lieferando-Beschäftigten in Berlin wurde 2020 gegründet. Wir sind damit auch eine Betriebsgruppe des TakeAway-Konzerns. Ex-Foodora-Beschäftigte sind genauso willkommen wie Lieferando-Beschäftigte. Wir werden auch von ehemaligen Deliveroo-Beschäftigten unterstützt und knüpfen an deren #deliverunion-Kampagne an. Kontakt: faub – ldo (a) fau . org