Don’t believe the hype – the new fee system is a trap! Come together now!

Colleagues and fellow Deliveroo riders!
Deliveroo is about to implement a new fee system in Germany. This new pay scheme is already in place in most other countries in Europe where Deliveroo operates. The company has told us that we can now choose to participate the experiment for a new fee system, if we like. Do not be fooled by this! In France, for example, all the old contracts were eventually terminated, and everyone was forced to take up the new system.
The new fee is partially based on distance, so longer deliveries will be paid better. Surely we would like to be paid more for longer distances? Don’t believe the hype, it’s a trap! Our fellow riders in UK are telling us that the company will start to tamper with the fees, changing the minimum pays according to their whim. The odds are, that eventually we will have to work even harder to make the same income as we do now. As if we didn’t work our asses off already! Nothing guarantees that our earnings will not fall. In fact, that seems very likely.

Interested in the long-term vision for the future of this system? We could take a look at what is happening in the US – this is where platform economy businesses have developed their policies furthest: in New York, the fees for food delivery with UberEats are below two dollars!
Fellow riders, falling payments will most likely be our future – unless we resist! We are calling riders to come together now! Let’s share experiences and information, let’s look at what the company is really doing, lets plan what we can do – and let’s act against the worsening of our conditions! If we stand together, it will not be that difficult to pressure the company. As independent contractors, we can simply decide to stop working whenever we choose. If we do this together, the company will fail to deliver its service to its customers. They do not want to lose their customers to their competitors.
If we fail to stand together, the company will do with us whatever they please. You can be sure that they will think of their investors’ interests first. They will continue to claim that they give us what we want, while behind the obscurity of the new system they will be cutting our payments and making our lives more difficult.
Together we will be strong. Riders unite!