“Wow, you can do that?” (EN/DE/SE)

SE Riders Unite Flyer


September 14-16, FAU Berlin visited three Swedish cities and talked about the Deliverunion campaign. Despair and frustration changed into hope of change.

In the spring of 2018 SAC invited us to talk about the #Deliverunion campaign. Between 14-16 September, we visited Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, where the local unions organized information meetings open to all but especially for riders. Union working groups had produced local info-material and distributed them to the riders on the street, with one leaflet inviting them to the meeting and the other, describing how SAC had now taken on the delivery companies and urging all riders to join their local unions.

A handful of riders attended each of the three meetings. The conversation revolved around their work environment, the (self-)organising they had already done and the difficulties and opportunities in reaching out to their colleagues. We from Berlin talked about how we started organizing ourselves, about the experiences we made, and about successes and hardships in our campaign of over 2 years. The similarity of our situations and the common frustration with our working conditions were striking.

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Deliverunion Sweden Tour

The Swedish union SAC Syndikalisterna is launching the campaign Deliverunion – organizing riders working for companies like Foodora and Uber Eats in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. Riders from Berlin will visit the cities between the 14-16th of September and talk about what we’ve been doing the last 18 months!

• Stockholm: Friday 14th September 17:00 at SAC-huset, 3rd floor, Sveavägen 98.
• Gothenburg: Saturday 15th September 15:30 at Viktoriahuset/Hagabion, Linnégatan 21.
• Malmö: Sunday 16th September 16:00 at Café Jesusbaren, Falsterbogatan 27B.

#Deliverunion Survey – Foodora Rider Opinions of Shift Planning App

Having trouble with the newly-introduced shift planning app (Rooster)? Take our survey and let us know!

We want to better understand the obstacles that riders are facing in doing their unpaid shift planning on a weekly basis.

The Deliverunion campaign is based on riders’ own workplace issues and demands. Help us today and take our shift planning survey 🙂