Riders Unite! Protest at the offices of Foodora

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Dear riders and supporters!
Since the negotiations with Foodora have failed and Deliveroo is still trying to ignore their workers’ demands entirely, it is high time to take action again!

We ride our own bikes around the city in every weather for Deliveroo and Foodora; and on top of that, we have to pay for the bike repairs ourselves. As a result of the Deliverunion-Campaign, both companies have already been forced to admit that this is not fair. Yet, they offer us no real solution!

So next week, we will bring our protest right to their doorstep – together with a special delivery: All of the old bike parts we have had to replace over the last months!

We call on all riders and supporters to join our action! We’ll meet

on 24 January at 2.30pm

outside the Delivery Hero Headquarters, Oranienburger Str. 70

Bring your bike parts, bring your voices! Let’s call Bullshit when we see it!

In solidarity,

The Deliverunion AG


Liebe Fahrer*innen und Unterstützer*innen!

Die Verhandlungen mit Foodora gescheitert sind und Deliveroo versucht nach wie vor, die Forderungen ihrer Arbeiter*innen zu ignorieren. Höchste Zeit also, wieder aktiv zu werden!

Wir fahren auf unseren eigenen Fahrrädern bei jedem Wetter für Deliveroo und Foodora durch die Stadt; zusätzlich müssen wir auch noch unsere Reparaturen selbst bezahlen. Auf Druck der Deliverunion-Kampagen mussten beide Unternehmen schon zugeben, dass das nicht fair ist. Trotzdem bieten sie uns keine echte Löseung!

Nächste Woche bringen wir unseren Protest deshalb direkt vor ihre Haustür – zusammen mit einer besoneren Lieferung: Allen alten Fahrradteilen, die wir im Laufe der letzten Monate ersetzen mussten!

Wir rufen alle Fahrer*innen und Unterstützer*innen dazu auf, mitzumachen! Wir treffen uns

am 24.Januar um 14:30 Uhr

vor dem Delivery Hero Hauptquartier in der Oranienburger Str. 70

Bringt euren Fahrradschrott mit und seid laut!

Solidarische Grüße,

Die Deliverunion AG

Who’s Hub? Our Hub!

The Deliverunion campaign is picking up speed again!

After the negotiations with Foodora failed on 3 November, riders and supporters gathered for a rally in front of the Foodora “hub” in Berlin-Mitte. They then spontaneously took over the “hub”, put up a union white board and discussed the next steps of the campaign. Anger amongst the riders is great: most riders are ready for an escalation up to a strike.

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Press Release: Negotiations with Foodora fail!

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On the afternoon of November 3rd, the second – and for the time being, final – round of negotiations between FAU Berlin and the Foodora management ended without concrete results. The management had already postponed this appointment twice since September. In the meantime, Foodora has also introduced further changes that worsen the working conditions of drivers. When it became clear that – contrary to its commitment in August – the management hadn’t prepared any concrete offers to the drivers regarding their key demands, FAU Berlin had no option but to declare the negotiations a failure.

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Deliverunion is getting first Results.

It was an unusual sight: on the 28th of June in Berlin about 70 Foodora and Deliveroo
riders dumped a huge pile of old bike parts on the street in front of the Deliveroo offices in
Berlin. This marks the second time the workers of the the international start-up companies
have taken to the streets in Berlin in their fight for better working conditions. Wearing their
distinctive pink and blue uniforms and shouting slogans like “What do we want? Fair
wages! When do we want them? Now!”, they were joined in support by members of the
general public as they brought their protest right to the companies’ doorstep.

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Tagung „Neue Arbeit, neue Widerstände?“

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This weekend, 21.-23. July, students at the Humboldt University in Cooperation with the Rosa-Luxemburg Foundation have organised a Conference on Workers Struggles in the age of digital Capitalism.
Very much our theme!
It begins on Friday with a discussion in Café Laika, Emser Str. 131. Saturday and Sunday, several Speakers will be talking. Among others, Riders from Italy, Spain and Germany will talk about their Campaigns on Saturday 15:00 – 17:00: International Perspectives: Labor Struggles in the Gig-Economy.

The conference is open for all, so come by, get to know your colleages and join in the discussion!
Here is the link to the Schedule: http://digitale-kaempfe.tumblr.com/tagung

Am nächsten Wochenende, vom 21.-23.7., veranstalten Studierende der Humboldt Universität Berlin in Kooperation mit der Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung unter diesem Titel eine Tagung über Arbeitskämpfe und Prekarität im digitalen Kapitalismus. Genau unser Thema also! Am Freitag geht es los mit einer Diskussion im Café Laika, Emser Str. 131, an der sich unter anderen auch Fahrer*innen von Foodora und Deliveroo und Holger Marcks von der FAU beteiligen werden. Am Samstag und am Sonntag geht es dann weiter mit Diskussionen und Vorträgen in der Humboldt Universität. Wir freuen uns besonders, dass bei dieser Gelegenheit auch Genoss*innen aus Italien und Spanien zu Besuch sein können.
Wir reden gemeinsam (und in Englisch) am Samstag 15:00 – 17:00 Uhr: International Perspectives: Labor Struggles in the Gig-Economy.

Die Tagung ist offen für alle Interessierte – also kommt vorbei, lernt eure Kolleg*innen kennen und diskutiert mit!
Und hier geht’s zum Programm: http://digitale-kaempfe.tumblr.com/tagung

Riders Unite! Protest at the offices of Deliveroo and Foodora

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The fight for better working conditions continues at Deliveroo and Foodora with a protest at the doors of both companies! We are calling on all riders and the general public to join us in support.

One of our demands is that the companies cover our working expenses. We use our own phones and data and ride our own bikes around the city for hours on end in all weather conditions. Yet we are expected to cover these costs and all repairs ourselves. This amounts to over 10% of the money we earn in most cases. For this reason, we will leave our old bike parts on their doorstep – perhaps they will understand how much we spend on repairs if they can see it with their own eyes!

We have contacted Deliveroo and Foodora TWICE now to ask them to come to the negotiations table – but they continue to ignore us and make excuses.

We will meet at Schlesischer Busch at 2pm. From there we are taking the protest to the Deliveroo office and then we’ll take a bike parade over to the Foodora office in Mitte and end the ride in Monbijou Park for some beers and fun. Come along, bring your old bike parts, your bike and bring your friends! If you don’t have a bike, join us for the first part of the protest on foot.

Where: Schlesischer Busch park, north side. Next to the Wachturm.

When: Wednesday, June 28th, 2pm.

What should I bring: Old bike parts, your uniform, your bike.





Der Kampf für bessere Arbeitsbedingungen bei Deliveroo und Foodora geht
weiter – dieses Mal bringen wir unseren Protest direkt vor die Büros der
beiden Unternehmen! Wir rufen alle Fahrer*innen und die breitere
Öffentlichkeit dazu auf, unseren Kampf zu unterstützen und sich uns

Eine unserer Forderungen an die Unternehmen ist die Übernahme der Kosten
für unsere Arbeitsmittel. Für unsere Arbeit stellen wir unsere eigenen
Handys zur Verfügung und auch die Handyverträge bezahlen wir aus eigener
Tasche. Außerdem fahren wir bei jedem Wetter mehrere Stunden am Stück
mit unseren eigenen Fahrrädern durch die Stadt. Trotzdem wird von uns
verlangt, auch noch die Reparaturkosten für unsere Arbeitsmittel zu
übernehmen! Das kostet uns in den meisten Fällen mehr als 10% unseres
Lohns. Deshalb werden wir den Unternehmen unsere kaputten Fahrradteile
direkt vor die Tür bringen – vielleicht verstehen sie ja, wie viel wir
für Reparaturen ausgeben, wenn sie es mit ihren eigenen Augen sehen!

Wir haben Deliveroo und Foodora nun schon ZWEIMAL um Verhandlungen
gebeten – aber sie weichen uns weiterhin aus, oder ignorieren uns sogar

Wir treffen uns um 14.00 Uhr am Schlesischen Busch. Von dort ziehen wir
zuerst zum Büro von Deliveroo, danach geht es mit dem Fahrrad weiter zum
Büro von Foodora in Mitte. Im Anschluss setzten wir uns noch gemütlich
im Monbijou Park zusammen. Also kommt mit, bringt eure alten Schläuche
und anderen Fahrradschrott, und nehmt eure Fahrräder und eure Freunde
mit! Solltet ihr kein Fahrrad haben, kommt doch einfach zu Fuß und macht
beim ersten Teil des Protests mit.

Wo: Schlesischer Busch, nördliche Seite neben dem Wachturm.

Wann: Mittwoch den 28.Juni, 14.00 Uhr.

Was kann ich mitbringen: Alte Fahrradteile, dein Arbeitsoutfit und dein




Second Call for Negotiations.

We’ve sent Deliveroo and Foodora our second letter demanding a negotiation meeting. We’ll make sure they don’t ignore us again.

Deliveroo and Foodora, both multimillion dollar companies, have been ignoring our request to negotiate. Their refusal to even sit at a table with us just shows how much they value us as employees.

As well as a living wage and fair working conditions, we deserve dignity and respect – Deliveroo has not even had the courtesy to write us an email in reply.

Both companies’ buzzword is flexibility, but when flexibility means precarity and not knowing if you’ll earn enough to get through the month, the only choice is for us to organise for better working conditions.

Our last actions have shown that we are many, and if they continue to ignore us they better know what’s coming.

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“Shame on you, Foodoroo!”: Joint Bicycle Demo through the Streets of Berlin on Thursday 18th May

Roughly 80-90 Foodora and Deliveroo riders with supporters took to the streets on Thursday to highlight their common struggles with the two Berlin-based start-ups. Clad in pink and blue, the workers chanted slogans including “Foodora, Deliveroo, shame on you! shame on you!”, and “What do we want? Better working conditions! When do we want it? NOW!”

Their demo was planned in conjunction with FAU Berlin, who has been assisting the riders to organise themselves for the last few months. It forms part of a larger campaign to improve working conditions, which riders say have been gradually deteriorating. In their speeches, workers took issue with the kind of precarious work which seems to be central to the gig-economy, highlighting the inherent connection of their struggle to similar struggles elsewhere.

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Protest cycle this Thursday

Foodora and Deliveroo riders are showing Berlin that we are united in our campaign for better working conditions. Come and join us as we cycle around the city and show our strength in numbers!

Thursday 18th May, 3pm at Lausitzer Platz.

Bring your bikes! bring your uniforms! bring your voices!

There will be snacks, music and a chance to meet other riders!


#Deliverunion Launch Night

On  April 25th  over 100 Deliverooo and Foodora riders and activists met at Zukunft am Ostkreuz for the first big public event of the campaign.

The room was already packed when the talk started, with the FAU #deliverunion working group presenting the riders’ demands, how we are organising and why we can win.

Read more coverage here:

The Brighton Video we showed.

Upcoming Events:

02. May 2017: FAU Office 19:00

The next campaign meeting will be on Tuesday 2nd May at FAU’s office in Grüntaler Straße 24, 13357.  If you are a rider and you want to organise, come and join in! We are really looking forward to meeting you.

18. May 2017: Lausitzer Platz 15:00

On Thursday 18th May riders will come together at Lausitzer Platz to send Deliveroo and Foodora a message. Come along and bring your bikes – it will be fun!