How to be broke in one week at Deliveroo

I’m a Deliveroo rider, and this is my story about why I’m broke:

While working at Deliveroo one small incident can dramatically change your living conditions. This is all because of an unfair shift booking system, too many riders, and a company that pushes the consequences of not getting enough customers for their workers. All of this happened to me in the last two weeks. It is my personal experience, but unfortunately there are hundreds of stories like this in the city. So let me tell you what happened…
As you probably know, to be able to work you first need to register for a shift. It is not easy, as there are far more riders than free shifts. Deliveroo constantly “hires” new people. Well, actually they don’t hire anyone, as everybody is offered only a freelance contract. This way Deliveroo has no costs of getting more and more people on board, but the number of shifts remains the same.

Berlin is divided into different zones. The shifts are also not equally profitable. There are zones and time periods where it is impossible to make even an average of 5 euro per hour (believe me, many of us tried). But it is worth taking shifts in zones with lots of restaurants and customers, at times when people order more food. During these shifts you can earn easily 15 euro per hour. But shifts like this are few. All the shifts are one hour long.

In order to manage the shifts Deliveroo developed a system that divides all the riders into 3 groups. All the shifts for the coming week are released on one day. The first group has first access to the booking system before the others. A few hours later the second group can book shifts, and then the third. This means that the last group has very little or no choice – usually all good shifts are gone in the first round. There is also a possibility to work the same shifts one already had worked the previous week. This automated copy is also dependent on which group you are in.

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Deliveroo – Shame on You!

On the afternoon of Friday, the 13th of April, around 60 riders and supporters gathered on Oranienplatz in Berlin-Kreuzberg. They took to the streets to protest the working conditions at Deliveroo and it’s disregard for their worker’s right to unionize. The demonstration was organized by the FAU Berlin, the union representing both Deliveroo and Foodora riders in Berlin since early 2017. It was part of an international day of action against Union Busting and exploitation in turn organized by aktion./.arbeitsunrecht from Cologne (see action reports from other cities: In an online vote to determine the “worst employer”, and thus “winner” of this day of action, Deliveroo came in first, closely followed by the restaurant chain Nordsee. Continue reading “Deliveroo – Shame on You!”

Eat this Deliveroo: Over 150 Deliveroo-Riders Sign For Better Working Conditions!

(deutsche Version unten)

Last Friday we handed in our petition signed by over 150 riders to the Deliveroo head offices – you should have seen their faces when they opened the pizza box and saw over 30 pages of signatures!

We gave them until Friday 13th to reply with a negotiation meeting date, to discuss our demands:

• pay us for waiting time (4€ for every half an hour without an order)
• cover our compulsory statutory accident insurance
• reimburse bike parts expenses (0,35€/km)
• progressively raises riders’ pay (an additional 0,50€ after 3, 6 and 12 months of working for Deliveroo) Continue reading “Eat this Deliveroo: Over 150 Deliveroo-Riders Sign For Better Working Conditions!”

FR13 – Deliveroo, Shame on You!

Breaking: Deliveroo has been voted as the worst employer in the Arbeitsunrecht awards, for its union busting activities and contempt for workers rights!

Whenever a Friday falls on the 13th of the month Aktion ./. arbeitsunrecht prepares a vote for the worst employer award and this time Deliveroo won! The prize? A state wide day of action against Deliveroo.

In Berlin we are starting the “Deliveroo shame on you” bicycle demo on Friday the 13th April at 16.30 at Oranienplatz – come and show your support to the Deliveroo workers. If you can’t make it by bike please meet us at the Deliveroo offices in Schlesische Str. 26 at 18:00 for the rally instead.

The multi-billion dollar company Deliveroo is guilty of hiring workers on bogus self-employment contracts, denying them a minimum wage, not recognising their union and dismantling their works councils. Continue reading “FR13 – Deliveroo, Shame on You!”

Deliveroo: Treat your workers fairly!

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Deliveroo has found a way to maximise their profits with barely any economic risk. They managed to do so by shifting all the risk onto us, the riders.

Working for Deliveroo means no sick pay, no guaranteed income, no compensation for the necessary work materials and no job security!

This exploitation needs to stop!

We demand that Deliveroo:

  1. pays us for the waiting time (4€ for every half an hour without an order);

  2. covers our compulsory statutory accident insurance (BG Verkehr);

  3. reimburses bike part expenses (0,35€/km);

  4. progressively raises the pay (an additional 0,50€ after 3, 6 and 12 months of working for Deliveroo)

Only if we act together can we force them to listen to our call!

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Black Friday

Welches Unternehmen hat Ärger verdient

Zum Aktionstag «Schwarzer Freitag» von Arbeitsunrecht Deutschland am 13. April sind drei Unternehmen nominiert, die Union Busting betreiben und besonders dreist gegenüber ihren Arbeiter*innen agieren: @I-SEC Luftsicherheit, NORDSEE und Deliveroo.
Wir haben da einen klaren Favoriten. Wer stellt inzwischen nur noch Selbstständige an? Wer schmeißt Betriebsräte raus (wie es unseren Kolleg*innen in Köln passiert ist)? Wer blockiert Verhandlungen mit der Belegschaft? Wer übernimmt nicht einmal die Kosten für Arbeitsmittel und kündigt eine Pauschale an, die am Ende niemand bekommt?
Hier geht’s zur Abstimmung und hier findet Ihr weitere Infos zum Aktionstag:

Which of these companies deserves the most trouble?

The group “work injustice, Germany” is holding a black Friday day of
action on April 13. Three companies Deliveroo, Nord See and I-SEC
Luftsicherheit, have been nominated for the worst employer award for
their union busting activities and contempt for workers rights.

We have a clear favourite for the award.

– Who uses bogus self employment to hire their workers?
– Who dismantles works councils (as they did with our colleagues in
– Who blocks negotiations with their workers? Who doesn’t even cover the
costs of work equipment, while pretending to pay compensation that no
one actually receives? …

For more info follow this link and make sure you vote for who you think
is the worst employer before April 13th!

Special Delivery from #deliverunion

In the afternoon of 24 January, roughly 40 riders and supporters gathered outside the Delivery Hero headquarters in central Berlin. At this fourth demonstration of the Deliverunion campaign in Berlin so far, riders once again demanded Foodora and Deliveroo cover their bike repair costs in full. To symbolize the size of the issue, they gathered a big pile of broken bike parts outside the headquarters’ entry door.

The companies’ refusal to cover the costs of their workers’ working materials, most importantly the costly repairs of their bikes’ wear and tear, has been a central issue for the Deliverunion campaign from the beginning. The job of a delivery worker takes a heavy toll on their bike. Spare parts and repairs needed to make their bikes safe and fit for the job again regularly costs the riders a significant portion of their income, not to mention a great deal of time. Even Deliveroo and Foodora themselves have by now been forced to admit that this is not fair. Continue reading “Special Delivery from #deliverunion”

Riders Unite! Protest at the offices of Foodora

[deutsch unten]

Dear riders and supporters!
Since the negotiations with Foodora have failed and Deliveroo is still trying to ignore their workers’ demands entirely, it is high time to take action again!

We ride our own bikes around the city in every weather for Deliveroo and Foodora; and on top of that, we have to pay for the bike repairs ourselves. As a result of the Deliverunion-Campaign, both companies have already been forced to admit that this is not fair. Yet, they offer us no real solution!

So next week, we will bring our protest right to their doorstep – together with a special delivery: All of the old bike parts we have had to replace over the last months!

We call on all riders and supporters to join our action! We’ll meet

on 24 January at 2.30pm

outside the Delivery Hero Headquarters, Oranienburger Str. 70

Bring your bike parts, bring your voices! Let’s call Bullshit when we see it!

In solidarity,

The Deliverunion AG


Liebe Fahrer*innen und Unterstützer*innen!

Die Verhandlungen mit Foodora gescheitert sind und Deliveroo versucht nach wie vor, die Forderungen ihrer Arbeiter*innen zu ignorieren. Höchste Zeit also, wieder aktiv zu werden!

Wir fahren auf unseren eigenen Fahrrädern bei jedem Wetter für Deliveroo und Foodora durch die Stadt; zusätzlich müssen wir auch noch unsere Reparaturen selbst bezahlen. Auf Druck der Deliverunion-Kampagen mussten beide Unternehmen schon zugeben, dass das nicht fair ist. Trotzdem bieten sie uns keine echte Löseung!

Nächste Woche bringen wir unseren Protest deshalb direkt vor ihre Haustür – zusammen mit einer besoneren Lieferung: Allen alten Fahrradteilen, die wir im Laufe der letzten Monate ersetzen mussten!

Wir rufen alle Fahrer*innen und Unterstützer*innen dazu auf, mitzumachen! Wir treffen uns

am 24.Januar um 14:30 Uhr

vor dem Delivery Hero Hauptquartier in der Oranienburger Str. 70

Bringt euren Fahrradschrott mit und seid laut!

Solidarische Grüße,

Die Deliverunion AG

Who’s Hub? Our Hub!

The Deliverunion campaign is picking up speed again!

After the negotiations with Foodora failed on 3 November, riders and supporters gathered for a rally in front of the Foodora “hub” in Berlin-Mitte. They then spontaneously took over the “hub”, put up a union white board and discussed the next steps of the campaign. Anger amongst the riders is great: most riders are ready for an escalation up to a strike.

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