Eat this Deliveroo: Over 150 Deliveroo-Riders Sign For Better Working Conditions!

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Last Friday we handed in our petition signed by over 150 riders to the Deliveroo head offices – you should have seen their faces when they opened the pizza box and saw over 30 pages of signatures!

We gave them until Friday 13th to reply with a negotiation meeting date, to discuss our demands:

• pay us for waiting time (4€ for every half an hour without an order)
• cover our compulsory statutory accident insurance
• reimburse bike parts expenses (0,35€/km)
• progressively raises riders’ pay (an additional 0,50€ after 3, 6 and 12 months of working for Deliveroo) Continue reading “Eat this Deliveroo: Over 150 Deliveroo-Riders Sign For Better Working Conditions!”

FR13 – Deliveroo, Shame on You!

Breaking: Deliveroo has been voted as the worst employer in the Arbeitsunrecht awards, for its union busting activities and contempt for workers rights!

Whenever a Friday falls on the 13th of the month Aktion ./. arbeitsunrecht prepares a vote for the worst employer award and this time Deliveroo won! The prize? A state wide day of action against Deliveroo.

In Berlin we are starting the “Deliveroo shame on you” bicycle demo on Friday the 13th April at 16.30 at Oranienplatz – come and show your support to the Deliveroo workers. If you can’t make it by bike please meet us at the Deliveroo offices in Schlesische Str. 26 at 18:00 for the rally instead.

The multi-billion dollar company Deliveroo is guilty of hiring workers on bogus self-employment contracts, denying them a minimum wage, not recognising their union and dismantling their works councils. Continue reading “FR13 – Deliveroo, Shame on You!”

Special Delivery from #deliverunion

In the afternoon of 24 January, roughly 40 riders and supporters gathered outside the Delivery Hero headquarters in central Berlin. At this fourth demonstration of the Deliverunion campaign in Berlin so far, riders once again demanded Foodora and Deliveroo cover their bike repair costs in full. To symbolize the size of the issue, they gathered a big pile of broken bike parts outside the headquarters’ entry door.

The companies’ refusal to cover the costs of their workers’ working materials, most importantly the costly repairs of their bikes’ wear and tear, has been a central issue for the Deliverunion campaign from the beginning. The job of a delivery worker takes a heavy toll on their bike. Spare parts and repairs needed to make their bikes safe and fit for the job again regularly costs the riders a significant portion of their income, not to mention a great deal of time. Even Deliveroo and Foodora themselves have by now been forced to admit that this is not fair. Continue reading “Special Delivery from #deliverunion”

Who’s Hub? Our Hub!

The Deliverunion campaign is picking up speed again!

After the negotiations with Foodora failed on 3 November, riders and supporters gathered for a rally in front of the Foodora “hub” in Berlin-Mitte. They then spontaneously took over the “hub”, put up a union white board and discussed the next steps of the campaign. Anger amongst the riders is great: most riders are ready for an escalation up to a strike.

Continue reading “Who’s Hub? Our Hub!”

Press Release: Negotiations with Foodora fail!

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On the afternoon of November 3rd, the second – and for the time being, final – round of negotiations between FAU Berlin and the Foodora management ended without concrete results. The management had already postponed this appointment twice since September. In the meantime, Foodora has also introduced further changes that worsen the working conditions of drivers. When it became clear that – contrary to its commitment in August – the management hadn’t prepared any concrete offers to the drivers regarding their key demands, FAU Berlin had no option but to declare the negotiations a failure.

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